The Front Bottoms

The Front Bottoms Gig Outfit   |
The Front Bottoms Gig Outfit   |
The Front Bottoms |
The Front Bottoms Gig Outfit   |
The Front Bottoms Gig Outfit   |

Okay, if you haven’t heard of this band before, you are certainly going to be questioning the title of this post. I definitely got a weird reaction when I mentioned which band I’d seen play the night before. But yep, The Front Bottoms, are indeed a band.

And a bloody good one.

I have to admit, I am not a die-hard fan that has been around since the very beginning and their Tumblr days but I’ve still loved them for quite a while now and when a friend said they were on tour, I was a keen bean.


I was supposed to see them in Nottingham, but a number of reasons meant we didn’t make it, and then the day before the Birmingham date, I bought tickets. Best last-minute decision ever.

The support acts were The Smith Street Band and Brick & Mortar. The Smith Street kicked off and they engaged the crowd right from the first song - more so than I’ve ever seen from a support act. During the first song they had the crowd on the floor and jumping up and singing along.

The crowd was so good. I’m not sure if I’m just odd or you can relate, but the crowd can make such a massive difference. If a crowd just stands like a post, doesn’t sing or dance along, doesn’t engage with the band or music, snarls at you if you even so much as move - the music can be amazing but I’d still find it so difficult to enjoy. Part of the fun of live music is getting involved.

The Front Bottoms |

The Front Bottoms played excellently. I love their music so much and I had no doubt I’d enjoy it, but the whole set was so so good. They played songs from their new album as well as some of their old stuff such as Twelve Feet Deep, and they even had a song just for Birmingham.

A few of my favourite moments include being on Luke’s shoulders for Twin Size Mattress and watching everyone go mental, moshing to numerous songs, every single person in the crowd doing ‘peace sign middle finger’ along with Brian and singing The Beers at the very top of my lungs at the side of the stage.

If you’ve not heard their music before, and you’re into the likes of Modern Baseball or Frank Turner then I’d definitely give them a listen. Their lyrics are one of my favourite things about them, sometimes they write beautifully, romantically, poetically - others it’s about dead spiders in pockets. Their music is fun and catchy, but it’s deep too.

lyrics2 .png
The Front Bottoms |
The Front Bottoms |
The Front Bottoms Gig Outfit   |

Outfit Details:

Checked Trousers - Topshop (similar)

Velvet Top - Topshop (similar, simlar)

Ring Belt - ASOS

Creeper Shoes - TUK

Fur Coat - New Look (similar)


Have you ever listened to The Front Bottoms?

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