11 rules of self care

11 rules of self care | www.hannahemilylane.com

Self care has become somewhat of a buzzword in recent months. But don’t let that undermine the importance of it.

Self care is so important - it’s about really looking after yourself.

Your physical health and mental health too.

It’s about treating yourself how you would treat those you care about the most, nurturing your body, mind and soul and listening to the signs that your body is giving you.

Don’t be afraid to be selfish and take the time for yourself.

Here are eleven rules that should form a solid foundation for your self care:

11 rules of self care | www.hannahemilylane.com

Rule 1: Get enough sleep

Medical professionals recommend 6-8 hours sleep a night for your health and mental wellbeing. Get a routine in place - going to bed and waking up at similar times every single day will help you sleep better and feel better. 

Rule 2: lots of water

You hear it all the time but it can not be emphasised enough how important keeping your body hydrated is. It cannot function properly without enough water. And I mean h2o - not fizzy or sugary drinks or tea or coffee. Drink. More. Water.

Rule 3: Allow yourself to switch off

Let your mind rest a bit. Go for a walk, go to the cinema, read a trashy novel, go for a coffee, turn your phone off. Rest. 

11 rules of self care | www.hannahemilylane.com

Rule 4: Take care of your skin

Never skip out on a good skincare routine. Always take your makeup off (but avoid makeup wipes like the plague!). Wash your face am and pm. Moisturise. Moisturise. Moisturise. And use good spf too. 

Rule 5: Talk to friends and family

Don't push those closest to you away. Embrace the support from your friends and family and put effort into those relationships. Don’t be afraid to reach out to them when you need to. 

Rule 6: Work out

Exercise is not only good for your physical health, but studies have also found it extremely beneficial for mental health too. It doesn’t have to be an hour at the gym every single day, but go on a long walk, do a seven minute workout (there’s a good app free on app stores), follow a youtube video, head down to your local pool, or go on a 10 minute run around the block. Something is always better than nothing!

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Rule 7: Make time for your hobbies

It’s so important to make time for doing the things you love, the things that let you be yourself and make you happy. Whatever your hobby may be, don’t ever feel guilty for spending time on it. 

Rule 8: Cook

Cooking from scratch is almost always healthier than buying a ready meal from the supermarket and definitely better (and cheaper) than ordering a takeaway. If you don’t know how to cook, youtube is your new best friend (Madeleine Olivia does great basic, cheap and healthy meals). Start simple and you’ll notice the difference of eating properly. 

Rule 9: Don't forget to laugh

Life doesn't have to be serious all the time. Feeling grumpy? Put your favourite comedy on or go spend some time with your best mates. Studies have shown that just the simple act of smiling can boost your mood. 

Rule 10: Ditch the caffeine

If you're an anxious person this one could have a huge impact. Caffeine is a common cause of anxiety. It might be hard at first because caffeine has addictive properties but stick to it and you’ll notice the difference. 

Rule 11: make your bed every morning

Simple but effective. Set your day’s path on an upward trajectory by jumping out of bed and immediately making it. You’ll feel instantly better.

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