An Autumn Bucket List

Autumn Bucket List |


The air turning cool and crisp. Wafts of cinnamon and spices linger. The leaves transform to an array of warm tones and the woolly scarves are dug out from the back of the wardrobe. 

I've said it before and I'll say it again, and again and again, but I am definitely a summer person. I live for the warmth and the lighter days, it always boosts my mood. However saying that, I am also a sucker for autumn. The beautiful changes in the landscape, the festivities starting, halloween and Guy Fawkes, cosy jumpers and wood burners lit... I can definitely get on board with that. 

While I often wish I lived in a country that was warm all year round, I know I would miss the seasons a huge amount. 

As with any change in season, I like to do a bucket list. It gets me excited about the upcoming months and helps me to make the most of it with seasonal, fun things to do. I don't always tick everything off, but I try my best!  Heres a winter bucket list too.

Here's my autumn bucket list for 2019: 

  1. Carve a pumpkin

  2. Go to a bonfire

  3. Bake a pie

  4. watch fireworks

  5. Drink a PSL

  6. Binge watch a tv series on Netflix

  7. Go on a hike

  8. Take photos of the changing leaves

  9. Buy new pjs

  10. Cook a chilli

  11. Cosy up with a book

  12. Buy an autumn scented candle

  13. Wear a woolly hat

  14. Oktoberfest!

  15. Go to the cinema

  16. Dress up for halloween

  17. Watch a scary film

  18. Make your home hyggelig

  19. Learn to knit

  20. Visit a farmers market

And here's a pic you can pin or save for later:

Bucket list for autumn |

What's on your bucket list this autumn?

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