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In March this year, I bought an iPad. Finally. I’d been wanting one for a long time, but didn’t know if I could justify the purchase and wanted to save up some money. Boy am I glad I finally took the plunge!

I bought a refurbished iPad Pro, 10.5-inch with the increased 256GB memory in space grey with a pencil.

I’ve been using it every single day, actually more than I expected!

I wanted to share some great apps I’ve found, that I love using. Obviously I have apps such as Netflix, Spotify, all the social media and shopping and productivity apps, so I won’t include those in this post. I’m sure you know that you can download Pinterest and Amazon on your iPad and don’t need me to tell you that they’re useful apps. These are some that you might not have heard of but I think are equally worth having!

my 6 favourite apps for my ipad pro


My most recent discovery.

It’s the best app I’ve found so far for guided journaling.

It’s not a secret that journaling can help boost your mood, clear your mind, and help you be more mindful and present.

I have been trying to make journaling a self care habit and I find guided journaling really helpful to get me started.

There’s also room to add your own, non-guided entries and lots of ‘journeys’ if you want to focus on a specific area such as sleep, stress or anxiety.

It’s private and portable, which means you can write freely without worrying someone might read your thoughts.

I also love the design of the app, the aesthetic is calming in itself!


I found out about this app through Muchelle B's youtube channel, and downloaded it there and then. Although I then spent weeks trying to find my library card before I could actually use it ffs.

The premise of the app is that you can borrow ebooks or audiobooks from your library and read or listen to them on the app. It's a bit like the Kindle app, only all the books are free. It has all the features of Kindle like changing text size and page colour (light or dark or sepia) and font, bookmarking pages, highlighting and defining words etc. It's fab.

I use this in the UK, but Muchelle is based in Australia and I believe the app is available in most countries. 

The only thing I have found, and this could very well be my library, is that a lot of books are taken and I have to put a hold on things I read. This isn't too much of an issue though - when I start one book, I tend to put a couple of holds on books for my next read so they are ready and waiting when I've finished my current read. 

If you've got a library card and like reading ebooks or want to listen to audiobooks, then definitely download this free app!

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

If you know me or have read my blog for a while, you might have picked up on the fact that I'm a huge Animal Crossing fan. I have loved the series since I first played Wild World, many, many years ago, and there was no question I would love Pocket Camp. 

It's the cutest, most relaxing, aesthetic game I've ever played. Chilled gameplay, calming conversations with adorable characters - it's a little escape from reality. 

I love that I finally have this game on mobile, and it's perfectly optimised for iPad. In fact, I much prefer playing with the large screen. And it's a game you can pick up and put down whenever you want, there's no pressure or time constraints. 

Anyone else very excited for Animal Crossing on Switch?


I know this is a popular app on iPad so this is an exception to my rule of 'not mentioning the apps everyone will already have'. But if you have the pencil, and even the smallest creative bone in your body (cough everybody), I absolutely think this app is a must-have.

It does cost £9.99 but thankfully it’s a one off purchase - anyone else bored of subscriptions for a million and one things?

There’s a whole bunch of tutorials online if you want to learn or improve your skills, and art is so therapeutic. Definitely download this if you have an iPad and a pencil.

7 minute workout

I’ve probably spoken about this app somewhere on my blog before, as I’ve been using it for years. I’m not the biggest fan of exercise. Especially specific ‘workouts’ or heaven forbid, going to the gym. I mainly keep fit through horse riding (and for anyone who has never ridden a horse - this is better exercise than you think!) and just generally walking a lot and being as ‘active’ as I can.

But my aversion of exercise aside, I do actually like being relatively fit and strong. It’s satisfying feeling healthy and good about your body and getting those endorphins pumping is great for mental health.

7 minute workout is, as the name suggests, a rather short workout. It’s quite intense but works different parts of your body and it’s over before you know it.

Squarespace app

This one might be quite niche, but if you have a website or blog on Squarespace you need to know about it!

I’m actually writing this post on the app!

It allows you to manage most of your website, on the go, including writing posts (obviously), editing, changing settings, redesigning pages, see a summary of your web traffic, and a help centre.

The only limitation is designing your site/changing your theme isn’t possible - but this app is still 100% worth having in your downloads.

What’s your favourite app?

What's on my iPad Pro  | www.hannahemilylane.com

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