50 more page ideas for your bullet journal

50 Page Ideas for your Bullet Journal | www.hannahemilylane.com

The most popular post I have ever written was 50 page ideas for your bullet journal. It has had an enviable 1 million page views and still brings in traffic every single day. Funny really, it was just a list I put together on my commute for my own benefit and almost didn't share. 

I'm glad I did, I've had so many positive comments saying how helpful it was. I also had some negative comments along the lines of how lazy the post was, but lol haters. Anywaay, I thought a follow up post was overdue, probably 2 years overdue but better late than never. 

So here's another list, another 50 page ideas for your bujo:

50 more page ideas for your bullet journal

1. Lunar calendar

2. Your birth chart

3. Writing a stream of consciousness

4. Seasonal bucket list

5. Healthy food list

6. Horoscopes

7. A letter to your future self

8. Mental health tracker

9. Period/pms tracker

10. Budget

11. Ideal morning/evening routine

12. Workout log

13. Food log

14. Travel journal

15. Level 10 life

16. National holidays

17. Astronomical events

18. Dream log

19. Instagram (or content in general) planner

20. A list of instagram hashtags 

21. The un-do list (things you want to STOP doing)

22. Ikigai 

23. Healthy habits list

24. The self care list

25. Fitness challenge

50 Page Ideas for your Bullet Journal | www.hannahemilylane.com

26. Bills tracker/log

27. Want/need list

28. Your current playlist/favourite songs

29. Moodboard

30. Monthly accomplishments

31. A year in pixels

32. Dates/days out/rainy days ideas

33. Inspiration page

34. Your capsule wardrobe

35. Travel itinerary 

36. Things you want to learn or improve on

37. Home improvement ideas or tracker

38. Health tracker

39. A line a day

40. Essay plan

41. Business ideas

42. Ways to raise your vibrations

43. Minimalism challenge

44. Gratitude log

45. A list of accomplishments

46. List of cruelty-free makeup brands

47. Word of the year

48. Life tips & hacks

49. Project tracker

50. A list of page ideas



And there we have it, a total of 100 page ideas. 

Obviously including every single one of these would be mad, but there should be plenty to pick and chose the most relevant to your lifestyle. I'd love to know what you choose! 

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