Why I Stopped Blogging

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It's been a while since I posted on my blog - I took an unintentional step back from planning, writing and taking pictures for content on my little corner of the internet. I wasn't exactly posting that regularly anyway - I never seem to have as much time as I'd like to spend on here - but I felt like I was always thinking about it, whether it was brainstorming post ideas, planning when I can take photos, or stressing about a new redesign, because goddamit I can never be satisfied with my blog design for more than a couple of weeks. And I just needed a little break from it if I'm being honest. Blogging is not my job, and sometimes I forget that, so I swapped evenings of sitting behind my laptop screen for going for walks, reading, spending time with my boyfriend, seeing friends, and ya know, just living offline for a bit.

And as much as I've been enjoying that, I also realised how much I miss blogging. I was trying to figure out what I want from my blog, where I want it to go, what 'niche' I should fit myself into and honestly, I still don't know. All I want to do is write about whatever is on my mind or going on in my world, share my photos and just, get back to creating content. I'm never going to be 100% happy with what I create because that's the downside of being a perfectionist, but as a creator said to me recently, you just have to hit publish sometimes.

I feel like blogging as an industry has stopped growing, sure new blogs may be popping up, but it's so saturated now that it's impossible to discover these and just as one blog starts up, another stops being updated. Some bloggers have swapped blogging to focus on other platforms, the type of content that is being produced on blogs is so different to how it was a few years ago and I really feel like the blogosphere is evolving. Change is afoot. I don't know what that means for me and my blog, but I know I'm not ready to give up this space yet.

I've always loved writing. Whether it was a journal when I was younger, essays for school (yeah... I know...) or writing articles on the internet, it's a great creative outlet for me. And therapeutic. It's calming, and it feels good to let the words flow as your mind wanders.

While I love instagram for the visuals, the quick, bite-sized content, and the opportunities for creators and influencers to get collabs, posting a photo and a caption that took less than 5 minutes to think of and write is just never going to compare to blogging. Sitting down with a coffee and a keyboard in front of me, and typing away, curating photos to go alongside the post, it just feels more 'purposeful'. But don't get me wrong, Instagram and microblogging 100% has its place and it's probably the media I consume the most, I just think there’s room for both.

But anyway, what have I been up to since my last blog post? Well…


All Time Low

I went to see All Time Low, my favourite band from when I was a teenager, play 2 sets and it brought back ALL the memories.They played SWIR from start to finish and then their Young Renegades tour set. The gig was a lot of fun.


The Photography Show

I was back at the NEC 2 days later for The Photography Show, not really knowing what to expect. My camera is in need of an upgrade so my main intention was to have a chat with some experts, try out some new ones, get some advice and maybe go to a talk or two. I dragged Luke along with me and I don’t think he expected to enjoy it quite as much as he did. We browsed galleries, experimented with cameras, took some pictures of the Comic Con attendees in the hall next door and watched a demonstration of Jonathon Knowles’ light painting technique - seriously check out some of his incredible photography - he’s the guy who created the bubble images O2 use.

But the thing that really stood out to us, particularly to Luke, was Alyn Wallace’s talk about astro photography. He started by telling his story, how he was always told to pursue academic subjects (sciences, in his case) and not the arts, and how once he picked up a camera, he realised his love for it. He showed some shots of what he had achieved with his setup of less than £500 and we were blown away. He was relatable, his equipment was attainable to a non professional, his story was familiar. And something he said must have resonated with Luke, because after that talk, he has not put my DSLR down, spending his mornings off watching photography videos to learn, trying out photography techniques and posting his shots on Instagram (and anyone who knows Luke knows that this is really something haha). Witnessing a passion start burning in someone, especially when it’s the same passion as yours, is so heart-warming.

The Wedding

So something super exciting that happened during my blogging hiatus is a wedding, but not just any wedding... Effi's wedding! Effi's featured on this blog a fair bit as she's one of my best blogging pals. I started talking to Effi back in 2016, and we've pretty much talked every single day since then in our Whatsapp group with fellow blogging pals Sarah, Gwennan and Mel, though we've only ever actually met once!

To be invited to Effi and Sam's wedding was such a testament to how solid our friendship is and I felt honoured - it didn't matter that Sam had never met us, it didn't matter that we'd only spent one weekend with Effi prior, because it's not the length of time you've been friends with someone that counts, it's much more than that.

The wedding itself was absolutely beautiful, stunning decor and little, thoughtful touches pulling together the theme, the most mouth-watering vegan pizza I've ever had, a perfectly relaxed, friendly and warm atmosphere and a gorgeous couple. It was a truly wonderful weekend.

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Easter was a rather quiet break that I so desperately needed after a few busy weekends and my car causing me a lot of stress (breaking down on the M25 is not a pleasant experience - it's still not totally fixed yet). It would have been so nice to get home to see family but unfortunately it just didn't work out. So instead I caught up on sleep,  watched a lot of Netflix, had an epic roast with Luke and a cute afternoon at Kenilworth castle, saw friends, tidied the flat and just generally recharged my batteries. 

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It turned out that having a break from blogging, and living offline for a bit, was exactly what I needed. Writing is something I thoroughly enjoy but it's all too easy for a passion to turn to a chore when you start putting a lot of pressure onto yourself and see it as something it's not. 

So here's to blogging for the enjoyment. I plan on writing more, sharing more pictures, sharing my thoughts and life updates, sharing my tips and worldly wisdom (spoiler: limited supply of that). Because I've missed sitting down with nothing but a blank document in front of me. Let's do this. 

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