5 Most Valuable Free Resources for Bloggers

5 Most Valuable Free Resources for Bloggers - www.hannahemilylane.com/digital

Blogging is not the easiest hobby or job out there. There's lots to know and even more to do. 

But there's a bunch of tools and websites out there that can help us along the way, whether that's to save us time or improve our content. 

As a disclaimer, this post is NOT sponsored in any way. All of these tools I genuinely use all of the time and I would 100% recommend them. 

In fact, some of them I find invaluable for running a blog. So here are 5 of my favourite blogging resources that you need to know about:

5. Pexels

There's a LOT of skills involved in running a blog... writing, marketing, creativity, SEO, even understanding a bit of code. Everyone will have a weak point, and if photography is yours, this website will be a life-saver. There's a lot of free stock photo websites out there but this is one of my faves. 

The photos on this site are entirely free, no credit needed and you can use them for whatever you want. They even have a video section if you need stock video. 

4. Canva

Canva is great for making graphics for your blog, or even a logo! 

Social media graphics, in particular, are super easy to put together. Just pick the right template and it will be the perfect size for its use. There's a bunch of signs you can choose from and fully adapt to suit your style or you can start with a blank canvas and add elements to build up your own design. The site is great whether you're a beginner or have more experience with design.

3. Grammarly

Grammarly is a super useful tool for any level of writer. It will pick up on not only spelling mistakes, but grammar mistakes too. It's totally free to use, but you can also pay for a premium version which helps to improve your writing even more.

Personally, I just use the free version and I find it great. It's like having someone to proof-read your writing for you to check for typos. 

2. Google Adwords Keyword Planner

This is one tool I personally need to utilise more often. If you want to write blog posts that you know will get traffic from search results, this will be invaluable. 

Keywords will show you how often people are searching for certain terms. It can be useful to see if you're writing posts with content that people are searching for, or you're trying to decide between two topics to write for. 

Just remember that writing a post with 'clothes' as the main focus, although a popular topic, is going to be impossible to get on the first page of search results. 

I'll hopefully write some more posts on how to optimise your blog and content for search engines soon, but until then, Google's your best friend. :)

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics can be a bit overwhelming at first, it offers a heck of a lot of data on the traffic your blog is getting. But you don't need to digest all of it. 

If you've not set up Google Analytics already, you need to get on that. The process is going to vary depending on which platform you write your blog on, so do a quick Google search to find the most appropriate set of instructions for you. 

Google Analytics allows you to explore your audience. You can see where in the world your readers are from, what devices most people view your blog on, how they found your blog, which posts are most popular and more. Spend some time getting familiar with the tool and you'll get a lot out of it. 

You can use the information you gather from Analytics to improve your blog. You can tailor your content to what works well, adapt your promotion, or even try something new and see how well it does. 

So there are 5 of my favourite resources that can really up your blogging game.  Let me know what you think, or whether you have any other invaluable blogging resources you use. 

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