10 Quick And Easy Ways To Update Your Blog Design

10 Quick And Easy Ways To Update Your Blog Design | www.hannahemilylane.com

Last week I changed up the colours in my nav bar and a couple of other accents. It's only a subtle change, but I went from a grey to a light blue colour and I feel so much happier to have a little more colour in my blog design. I may have a complete blog redesign soon as I'm getting itchy feet with it, but I was surprised at how just a few seconds changing something up made such a difference to how I feel about my blog!

There's so many little things you can do to refresh your blog design and fall back in love with it. Here's just a few ideas:

1. Change the body text

This something that although subtle, can make all the difference. Especially if you change from a sans serif to a serif font or vice versa! There's so many fonts to choose from, why not test out a new one? My favourites are Josefin Sans, Open Sans and Merriweather. Just make sure it's easily legible! 

2. Add a favicon

This is really easy to do and can make your blog look so much more professional! Here's a little guide of what one is and how to change it:

A quick guide to changing the favicon for your blog, and 9 other quick and easy design updates | www.hannahemilylane.com

3. Change accent colours

On things like your nav bar, rollovers, and buttons. Changing the colour scheme of your blog can completely change your feelings towards it.

4. Add a new profile picture

Put on your favourite outfit, get ready and snap a new profile picture. Or use one you've already taken. Not only does it make sure your blog is current (guilty, as I have completely different hair colour to my profile picture!) but if it's a selfie you love, it will suddenly have a lot more confidence with your blog!

5. Update your about me page

Again, to keep your blog up to date, have a read through your about me page. It's my most viewed static page, so I make sure to give it a read through every few months to keep it up to date. If you're not happy with it, change it!

6. Add a gadget

You could add a Pinterest or Instagram feed gadget, a Wish List gadget, a suggested posts gadget or even a new commenting system. Don't go overboard, but having something new and exciting on your page makes a difference!

7. Change your link colours

Similar to changing the accents, if you're changing your colour theme or just want to give your blog design a little refresh, changing the colour of your hyperlinks makes a big difference!

8. Switch up your sidebar

Rearrange your sidebar, add things, take unnecessary things out. Your sidebar is viewed all the time so make sure you're happy with it! 

9. Take new photos for old posts

Updating your old blog posts is something that I would always recommend, to get rid of broken links and give you more content to promote. Updating some of the pictures (because I am sure for many of you your photography will definitely have improved!) will boost the quality of older posts!

10. Make a new signature

This is something that's been on my to do list forever, though it only takes 5 minutes! It's one of the aspects that has not changed on my blog since the early days, and though it's perfectly ok, it could definitely be better!

Do you like changing your blog design often? Will you be doing any of these?

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