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What's this?

Hey! I'm Hannah. I'm 23, and a full-time marketer, part-time blogger, living in the UK. I've recently set up this section of my blog as I want to write more about the nitty gritty of blogging and content marketing and partition it from my lifestyle blog. Reading a post about a chilled, whimsical weekend in Dorset, followed by a post on the fundamentals and technicalities of SEO just didn't make sense, and so, Hannah Emily Digital came to be.

So if you want to learn more about the process of blogging, from ideas and starting out to getting your content seen, you've landed in the right place! (If not, you can go back to my lifestyle blog here) 


What do you know? 

I'm not an expert and I won't claim to be, I'm still learning, but even the experts can be out of touch with the ever-evolving world that is digital, so don't write me off just yet. 

I've been blogging since January 2014, so I've got a few years experience and I've witnessed first hand just how much has changed in such a short amount of time. I studied Business and German joint honours at the University of Warwick, with the business side of my degree focused on marketing, digital and international business. And I'm now working full-time in marketing with almost 2 years collective experience across a number of industries. 


What can I learn?

While this part of my website is fairly new, I have got a bank of posts from my years of blogging with tonnes of tips, guides and advice. I've been updating these posts and will write new weekly content covering topics such as social media, building a community, SEO and basic coding, blogging platforms, promotion and creating the best content. 

I'm also planning on launching a newsletter - but more info on that soon! 

I really hope you find value in these posts - Hannah x


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